Cosworth BDA 3 bolt


BDA 1790cc 245bhp race engine. Fully overhauled during winter season and not yet run. 20 years of back history. One of the highest spec BDAs in the world! £11,000 United Kingdom Pounds

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1969 BDA 3 bolt full spec race engine. Maintained for 22 years by Agres Engineering, Scotland with dyno sheets going back to 1984 when it originally produced 208.5bhp. Feb 2002 dyno sheet shows 245bhp at 8,500 rpm with peak torque of 163ftlb at 7,000 rpm and over 150ftlbs from 5,500 upwards. Standard stroke 77.6mm, bore 86mm making it 1790cc Valves - 35.5mm Inlet 30mm Outlet 5.23" Arrow steel rods Fully ported with double springs and Cosworth forged pistons AX steel block Exhaust manifold by Specialised Exhausts of Mitcham - 2" primaries, 27" long Raceco Titanium silencer. Primaries are matt black camcoated. Pirtek nomex braided lightweight hosing Twin Weber 48s on Lumention black box electrics AP race clutch; Samco hoses; Brise high output starter; Brise Lightweight Denso Alternator; alloy bellhousing; Pace dry sump system with washable tank; Fabricated engine mounts for Caterham [moving engine back 3"] Engine has just been completely overhauled by our race mechanic Gregg May [ex Julian Godfrey's] In fact, everything complete to transfer this historic engine into another Caterham. The engine is currently installed in my Caterham and went through the MOT earlier this week [no exhaust tests required!]. It can therefore be seen fully running. Ideal also for a single seater [it came out of a championship hillclimb Mallock].


Feb 2002 dyno sheet shows 245bhp at 8,500 rpm with peak torque of 163ftlb at 7,000 rpm and over 150ftlbs from 5,500 upwards. Amazingly docile at tickover, we use the engine on the road and track. September 2003 we ran 12.9 secs for the 1/4 mile at Brighton Speed Trials in the Caterham and we have run a 43.5 sec lap at Lydden during the 2003 season with a second overall at Silverstone.




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БДА -- он рядная четверка и атмосферный, а на РС200 1.8 Турбо, который, в принципе, отдаленно происходит от БДА, но совсем не он, хотя и тоже рядная четверка :)