КАшка, да необычная

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"Обменяемся опытом !? - FORD" Часть 257



Produced as a demonstration exercise and fitted to a Ka. The current power output stands at 450bhp, but a nitrous kit is fitted to the car to give 650bhp.

4-cylinder 1998cc twin cam Zetec 16 valve, 8mm wire-ringed and stress relieved block, lightened and balanced flywheel, ported,
polished and gas flowed head, fully counter-balanced crank, high-lift Piper cams and solid lifters, Vernier pulleys, larger cam followers,
Mahle forged pistons, H shape steel connecting rods, enlarged inlet valves, RS500 throttle housing, WRC P8 Pectel distributor-less
injection system with twin amplifiers, Bosch 400 injectors, SVM custom programmed ECU, twin throttle response units, twin GP A fuel
pumps, T35 turbo with 360-degree thrust bearing, pre-turbo oil cooler, Samco silicon hoses, three-port breather system with alloy tanks
and braided hoses, Pace GP A intercooler, Pace triple-core alloy chargecooler system, Pace twin-row alloy chargecooler, two gallon
scoop tank with twin afte